Painted Ladies Speak: Poussin
Janet Braun-Reinitz
paper collage, 20" x 16";  $750
Exhibited at Village West in Ancien Régime: the pre-revolutionary world Fall 2018

"Pre-revolutionary world indeed! Much of my work addresses subjects of social justice. Poussin: Protesting Puts You In the Crosshairs is part of a current series of 52 collages entitled Painted Ladies Speak.

Each collage appropriates a famous painting (or a detail) of a woman, often plays with the image and gives the woman a protest sign (or two). Many of the paintings I have selected pre-date the Ancien Régime - from Angelico to Zubaran.

While much of the signage addresses contemporary concerns, they can often be read as much older clues to ongoing struggles.

Or ---clues to the possibilities/dreams of coming changes?"

If you are interested in purchasing this work, please contact Janet Braun-Reinitz.


Village West Gallery | 331 Newark Ave Jersey City, NJ 07302                   Follow @VillageWestJC