Punching Bag
Gail Winbury
oil, pastel and charcoal on linen, 48" x 48";  $4800
Exhibited at Village West Gallery in the Ancien Régime: the pre-revolutionary world show, Fall 2018

"This painting is both social commentary on our current times, as well as an expression of the sense that the individual feels when the forces of life become overwhelming. It seems as if no matter where a person turns someone is sticking out their leg to cause you to trip. This is the experience of oppression, with no seeable escape except to continually fall becoming increasingly helpless or to stand up and fight back.

A few of the pieces specifically speak to the reality of women, when autonomy over our own bodies becomes negotiable. For example, a congress and the executive branch of mostly white men attempt to exert ownership over our bodies. Or when our bodies are treated like quid pro quo, as an expected commodity available to a man in power.

We see this with the stacking of the judicial system with conservative judges, by the de-funding of planned parenthood and a myriad of other ways.

The painting, Punching Bag is an expression of the sensation of oppression where there maybe no escape.

However, this also expresses a sense of strength. The power of the works themselves, is parallel to the increased opportunity that can be available when people form resistance groups together such as in the #metoo movement, the Parkland protest, or recent fundraisers by artists to aid the children who were separated from their parents.

Anger of the oppressed, will hopefully be channeled into a intense force for change."

If you are interested in purchasing this work, please contact Gail Winbury or visit gwinburypainting.com.


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